Principal Medical Group is a concierge medical practice located in the heart of McLean, just minutes from Tysons Corner, Washington, D.C., Bethesda and Alexandria. Dr. Jones offers around-the-clock, 24/7 patient-centric care when you need it. Our concierge medicine membership model works by focusing on preventive medicine—curing what ails you before the condition escalates.

In addition to providing acute care and preventative medicine, we specialize in managing chronic diseases and complex medical conditions for adults.

Preventive Care

Exceptional healthcare through comprehensive executive physicals, coordination of testing and referrals, and close monitoring of chronic diseases. Learn More

Sick Visits

Phone consultations, same-day appointments, home or even workplace visits. Learn More

Hormone Replacement Therapy

Dr. Jones specializes in testosterone pellet therapy.  He is among a small handful of physicians in the DC area that offers this treatment. Learn More

Additional Services

Advanced diagnostic testing, travel immunizations, plus nutrition, lifestyle, and health goal consultations are available. Learn More

  • Dr. Jones knows your name and health goals
  • Unhurried, same-day appointments and around-the-clock, 24/7 access to Dr. Jones
  • Exceptional, personalized concierge healthcare

Preventive Care

Exceptional, comprehensive healthcare, done in a timely, professional way.

Our commitment to quality care is personal, pleasant, and above all, professional. Each member receives a comprehensive annual executive physical and lifestyle counseling, so Dr. Jones is able to make accurate health assessments. This includes comprehensive examinations, close monitoring of chronic or developing conditions, and the coordination of diagnostic testing and if needed, specialist referrals.

Annual Executive Physical and Lifestyle Counseling

The annual executive physical exam enables Dr. Jones to establish a health baseline and customize a health and wellness plan. This yearly assessment serves as a key component of concierge medicine by identifying health issues early on and preventing conditions from developing into crises.

The annual executive physical and lifestyle counseling session takes about three hours to complete. We use cutting edge diagnostics and analytic testing to ensure that we have a comprehensive understanding of your health status. Dr. Jones will follow up personally to go over the results. Our goal is to make sure you understand the present state of your health, establish a detailed plan to take action where necessary and improve your overall health.

Care From Specialists

When care from a specialist (such as a cardiologist or orthopedic surgeon) is indicated, Dr. Jones will assist you with referrals and scheduling appointments, to ensure your care is given the attention it requires.

The comprehensive concierge medicine annual physical and lifestyle counseling includes:

  • Thorough evaluation of current and previous health issues
  • Comprehensive physical examination
  • Electrocardiogram (EKG)
  • Spirometry with oxygen saturation
  • Cardiovascular fitness determination
  • Diabetic Screening
  • Dermatological screening
  • Thorough lab testing, collected onsite
  • InBody body composition analysis
  • Hearing screening test
  • Risk factor analysis
  • Fitness and/or nutrition assessment
  • Medical history review, based on both personal and family risk factors
  • Goals and recommendations for long-term health across each dimension of wellness
  • Assisting with health goals

Sick Visits

We know that balancing your career and personal life can make it difficult to get the healthcare you need. We strive to make it easy.

As a member of Principal Medical Group, you enjoy 24/7 access to Dr. Jones—including phone consultations, same day appointments, and house/office calls, as necessary.

This can be especially helpful when you are feeling ill or have a medical condition that makes it difficult for you to make it to our offices.

Same / Next Day Appointment with Your Doctor

With same/next day appointments available, you can see Dr. Jones more frequently, or as your schedule allows—quickly resolving the situation and ensuring small issues don’t become severe issues, all while avoiding expensive trips to the emergency room.

24 /7 Availability

Principal Medical Group is available 24/7, giving you the security and peace of mind of constant, comprehensive care no matter the circumstance. Don’t waste money and time in the ER or at an urgent care clinic for non-life-threatening issues when you can reach Dr. Jones by phone or email when you need him most.

Unhurried Appointments That Start On Time

Tired of waiting? Did you know at a normal primary care practice that patients typically wait 27 minutes in the physician’s office and exam room before they spend just 8 minutes seeing their doctor or often a physician’s assistant or nurse practioner? Principal Medical Group guarantees no more long waits in the waiting room, in the exam room or even to just schedule an appointment and you will always be seen by a board certified physician.

Principal Medical Group values you as a client and treats you as such. Dr. Jones will take the time to treat you and will ensure that you leave with all your questions answered and concerns addressed.

Additional Services

Principal Medical Group offers cutting-
edge medical services to all its members.


Advanced Diagnostic Testing

During our comprehensive annual executive physicals, we run our patients through a gamut of tests to determine a more complete picture of their overall health. In certain instances, patients may require the involvement of a specialist within our extensive referral network and our doctors will work closely with them to ensure your care is being optimized.

Body Composition Analysis

At Principal Medical Group, we use the InBody 570, a state-of-the-art body composition analyzer, to get a much clearer, and more accurate, understanding of an individual’s unique physiology. Within a minute, this remarkable piece of equipment tells us how much peripheral fat, visceral fat, muscle, and water are in your body.  Additionally, body fat percentage and BMI are calculated as well as fat and muscle distribution.

Food Sensitivity Testing

Principal Medical Group offers the Salveo Labs food sensitivity test, which identifies immune reactions to 222 foods. Unlike food allergies (which are based on an IgE immune system response), food sensitivities can over-activate the immune system creating inflammation in the body and a variety of symptoms, e.g., headaches, fatigue, joint pain and arthritis, anxiety/depression, skin rashes, abdominal pain, bloating, and diarrhea.

Testosterone Screening & Treatment

Low levels of testosterone are associated with numerous symptoms relating to physical and mental health in both men and women. However, it often goes untreated. Dr. Jones will perform a blood test to determine if you have low testosterone and review a symptom questionnaire all while performing a complete history and physical exam to determine how you may benefit from bio-identical testosterone pellet therapy.

Advanced Cardiac Testing

Traditional lipids are only one piece of the diagnostic puzzle when it comes to evaluating stroke and heart attack risks. Principal Medical Group offers advanced cardiac testing and heart CT screening (when indicated) that provide a far better predictor of risk than traditional lipid profiles and stress testing.

Travel Immunizations

Traveling to foreign lands entails exposing yourself to new or exotic types of bacteria, viral strains, and conditions. It is important to take proper precaution in order to maintain your health. Some of the requisite vaccinations may require a series of immunizations weeks apart, and Dr. Jones can both prescribe what you need, based upon your travel plans, and schedule your immunizations so you are ready to go by your date of departure.

Nutrition and Lifestyle Consultations

A healthy diet and regular exercise contributes to your overall sense of wellbeing. Dr. Jones can take the time to sit with you and discuss your personal health goals and create strategies that will work for you.

Primary Care Services FAQ

  • What services do you offer?

    Principal Medical Group provides in-depth medical care and partners with you to manage complex medical conditions and chronic conditions, as well as acute care and crisis intervention.

    Annual Wellness Visits
    Sick Visits
    Testosterone Pellet Therapy
    Travel Immunizations

  • What is different about Principal Medical Group’s Annual Executive Health Exam?

    A fundamental part of personalized healthcare is an annual exam, allowing your doctor to set benchmarks for your current state of health and track your progress during your ongoing journey to wellness. At Principal Medical Group, we go further in-depth with our assessment, utilizing comprehensive diagnostics and additional testing in order to get a fuller picture of your health. The combination of annual executive exams, lifestyle counseling and follow-up consultations between you and Dr. Jones form the basis of Preventive Care, an integral part of concierge medicine.


  • What if I need a specialist or am hospitalized?

    If the circumstance presents itself where your condition requires the care and attention of a specialist, Dr. Jones can liaise with a doctor from our professional network of referrals and assist with the scheduling of appointments and coordination of care.

    And if/when your level of need surpasses the level of an office visit and requires hospitalization, Dr. Jones will act as your advocate when arriving in the ER.  This helps tremendously in minimizing wait times and wondering when the ER doctor will see you.  Additionally, Dr. Jones will coordinate your care with the inpatient physicians to assure that you are receiving the best and most appropriate care.

  • Do I have coverage when I travel?

    The level of access provided by your membership extends to those times when you are traveling outside the area, state, or even country. Although this does not mean we are ready to fly in Dr. Jones while you complete business in Russia, it does allow for consultations by phone or email. In the event of hospitalization, the hospital physicians should contact Dr. Jones to determine both your medical needs and appropriate levels of care.

  • Are there restrictions on which hospitals I may use?

    There are no restrictions as to which hospitals are available for your use, should the need arise.

  • Where are you located?

    Located just minutes from Tysons Corner in the heart of McLean, Virginia, Principal Medical Group is within easy driving distance for most of metropolitan D.C.

    Our address is:
    1355 Beverly Road, Suite 220
    McLean, Virginia 22101

    Please contact Principal Medical Group at (703) 663-8824 or contact us.

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