In today’s environment, no one is happy with the traditional primary physician care model—doctors and patients alike are frustrated by scheduling conflicts, long wait times and a confusing billing process. Also known as boutique medicine, retainer medicine, executive health, VIP medicine or personalized medicine, concierge medicine is an innovative way to delivering superior care that provides executive-level primary care and personalized, preventative care.

Concierge medicine is amongst the fastest growing medical trends in the country. In 2005, there were 500 doctors practicing and now according to Concierge Medicine Today there are more than 12,000 concierge medicine physicians nationwide.

As a member of Principal Medical Group, you will receive personal attention during unhurried medical appointments that start on time from Dr. Jones who knows you and your health goals. We offer around-the-clock, 24/7 access to Dr. Jones, everything from same-day appointments to phone and email consultations.

Best of all, our concierge medicine model of quality medical care is affordable. Learn more about Dr. Jones and concierge medicine at (703) 663-8824.

  • Dr. Jones knows your name and health goals
  • Unhurried, same-day appointments and around-the-clock, 24/7 access to your doctor
  • Exceptional, personalized concierge healthcare

The Concierge Model

Concierge medicine provides healthcare through a personalized approach.

As a patient at Principal Medical Group, you will receive personal attention during unhurried appointments that start on time from a top primary care doctor who knows you and your health goals. You will have around-the-clock, 24/7 access to Dr. Jones—everything from same-day appointments to phone and email consultations—in addition to a comprehensive annual executive physical plus lifestyle and health goal counseling.


To join Principal Medical Group, patients pay an annual fee. This membership fee covers the cost of office visits and access to Dr. Jones, our board-certified internal medicine specialist.  Your insurance company will be billed for any blood tests ordered on your behalf.

The key to good health is being proactive. Through our personalized medicine services, Dr. Jones has the time to focus on keeping you healthy and out of the hospital rather than treating illnesses after their onset. Our goal is to help you achieve maximum health and quality of life.

In our concierge medical practice, patients receive the care they desire in a setting that focuses on professionalism and the patient experience, not the number of patients seen in a day.

Why Switch?

Healthcare in the United States has changed – but the level of care you receive shouldn’t.

Time is a critical component to good healthcare. On average, primary care doctors have 3,000-5,000 patients. Many doctors are seeing 25-30 patients daily.  They don’t get to know you as an individual because they simply don’t have time. Concierge medicine fosters meaningful patient-doctor relations, provides quality and continuity of care, ensures that diagnoses are thorough and treatment plans are followed through.

Concierge medicine solves this dilemma by providing you with exceptional, personalized healthcare delivered in unhurried, same-day appointments with a doctor who knows you, your name, and your individual health goals. Principal Medical Group utilizes industry-leading resources to provide excellent care when you are sick and comprehensive management of chronic conditions, in addition to an annual executive physical and lifestyle counseling, critical to identifying health issues early. Early detection saves lives. So, why should YOU become a member?

  • Would you like to have the option to schedule same-day appointments in the morning, afternoon or evening?
  • Are you are tired of wasting your time having to wait for an appointment or, worse, in the waiting room?
  • Is access to a medical professional who knows your background important? How about the option to call your doctor for advice, be seen on a Saturday when acutely ill, or have your blood tests done at your home, or maybe even the office?
  • Wouldn’t you prefer to have a comprehensive health plan devised by a physician who spent an hour or more with you, getting to know you as an individual while examining you carefully?

If you answered yes to any of the above, membership with Principal Medical Group is for you. Become a member of our concierge medical practice today!


Not sure if concierge care is right for you and your family?
See what our clients have to say about their experiences:

“Joining Principal Medical Group last year was one the best medical decisions that my wife and I have ever made. Since joining Principal Medical Group, I rest easier knowing that my wife and I have a central resource for our health needs where we never have to worry about getting an appointment, specialist referrals, or addressing after-hours medical concerns, and we feel comfortable speaking with our own concierge physician who really knows our health history.”
–Kippton Gray (Kipp)

“Dr. Jones has been our physician for two years. We consider him not only our doctor, but our friend. He has always been extremely prompt and deeply committed to addressing all our health needs and concerns. He always returns phone calls, emails and is never rushed to listen and advise us of the right treatment quickly preventing further illness. Concierge care was the right decision for us to maintain our health and peace of mind and we are thankful we made that choice.”
–Sam and Ellen Stanton

“Since joining the Principal Medical Group, my wife and I have been impressed with the access, responsiveness, and quality of care that characterize Dr. David Jones and his staff. Until we tried concierge medicine with Principal, long waits and rushed examinations/consultations were the norm. Dr. Jones, however, takes the time to listen, to understand patients’ concerns, and to offer a thoughtful, tailored course of action. Concierge medicine, and the Principal Medical Group in particular, are an investment in better health though better care.”
–John Hardage

Concierge Medicine FAQs

  • What is concierge medicine?

    Concierge medicine is a relationship between a patient and his/her primary care physician, built upon a “retainer” fee by which a patient enters into the doctor’s membership pool. Whereas most doctors have between 3,000 and 5,000 patients, our concierge medicine model is very different. Dr. Jones sees only 350 patients who pay an annual membership fee. This model enables our doctors to focus on what matters most – you.

  • Are membership/concierge medical practices new?

    Relatively recently, the practice of concierge medicine has grown in awareness throughout the marketplace. However, the origins can be found in the ‘90’s, largely in response to patients needing a more personalized approach to their primary care delivery model.

  • Isn’t concierge medicine only for rich people?

    Simply put, no. Concierge medicine is for anyone who demands a higher quality of healthcare, whether it be timeliness of scheduling, attention afforded during appointments, security and trust in a primary care physician dedicated to your health goals or necessity for chronic condition care that determines your needs.

  • How can concierge medicine enhance care, save time and money?

    Concierge medicine can enhance care while saving you money and time by providing consistent, comprehensive care that is personalized to your individual health goal and needs. With 24/7 access to Dr. Jones, you can resolve illnesses quickly, before the condition escalates and without a costly trip to the emergency room.

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