Primary Care Services FAQ

  1. What services do you offer?
  2. What is different about Principal Medical Group’s Annual Health Exam?
  3. What if I need a specialist or am hospitalized?
  4. Do I have coverage when I travel?
  5. Are there restrictions on which hospitals I may use?
  6. Where are you located?

What services do you offer?

Principal Medical Group provides in-depth medical care and partners with you to manage complex medical conditions and chronic conditions, as well as acute care and crisis intervention.

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What is different about Principal Medical Group’s Annual Health Exam?

A fundamental part of personalized healthcare is an annual exam, allowing your doctor to set benchmarks for your current state of health and track your progress during your ongoing journey to wellness. At Principal Medical Group, we go further in-depth with our assessment, utilizing comprehensive diagnostics and additional testing in order to get a fuller picture of your health. The combination of annual exams, lifestyle counseling and follow-up consultations between you and your doctor form the basis of Preventive Care, an integral part of concierge medicine.

In addition, Principal Medical Group offers these annual exams to non-members, as part of an Executive Physical option.

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What if I need a specialist or am hospitalized?

If the circumstance presents itself where your condition requires the care and attention of a specialist, your primary care physician at Principal Medical Group can liaise with a doctor from our professional network of referrals and assist with the scheduling of appointments and coordination of care.

And if/when your level of need surpasses the level of an office visit and requires hospitalization, your Principal Medical Group doctor will visit you at an area hospital, review your chart and consult with the on-duty physicians and staff to ensure you are delivered the care you’ve come to expect.  When you are hospitalized at Inova Fairfax Hospital or Virginia Hospital Center in Arlington, you will be cared for by your Principal Medical Group physician.

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Do I have coverage when I travel?

The level of access provided by your membership extends to those times when you are traveling outside the area, state, or even country. Although this does not mean we are ready to fly-in your primary care physician while you complete business in Russia, it does allow for consultations by phone or email. In the event of hospitalization, the hospital physicians should contact your concierge medical doctor to determine both your medical needs and appropriate levels of care.

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Are there restrictions on which hospitals I may use?

There are no restrictions as to which hospitals are available for your use, should the need arise. However, it’s important to note that currently, Principal Medical Group physicians are affiliated with both Inova Fairfax Hospital and the Virginia Hospital Center in Arlington. This means your Principal Medical Group physician would be your hospital physician at these two facilities and provide the care you require.

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Where are you located?

Located in just minutes from Tysons Corner the heart of McLean, Virginia, Principal Medical Group is within easy driving distance for most of metropolitan D.C.

Our address is:
1355 Beverly Road, Suite 220
McLean, Virginia 22101

Please contact Principal Medical Group at (703) 663-8824 or contact us.

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