• Personalized screenings
  • Unhurried appointments
  • Peace of mind

Executive Physicals

A personalized, thorough approach to comprehensive health screenings

Principal Medical Group understands that your time is valuable. For busy corporate leaders, small business owners and other individuals who seek a higher level of health service, we offer Executive Physicals – highly personalized, thorough screenings and evaluations. These specialized physicals are available to both members and non-members by appointment.

Executive physicals can be performed for corporate executives as required by their company or for those individuals who are simply seeking peace of mind and a higher level of care. Because we offer these special appointments to non-members as well as members, individuals can enjoy this service as a standalone offering or as an introduction to the benefits of membership.

We offer three levels of care for our Executive Physicals, each comprising a core set of services that builds on the last. See a full outline of Executive Physical services and pricing.

Core Services:

  • Extensive medical interview
  • ECG
  • Pulmonary function studies
  • Dermatologic evaluation
  • Musculoskeletal assessment
  • Basic metabolic needs determination
  • InBody body composition analysis
  • Needs assessment for dietary and exercise regimens
  • Thorough set of labs, including:
    • Complete blood count with ferritin and total iron
    • Comprehensive metabolic panel
    • Basic lipid panel
    • Thyroid function determination
    • Coagulation studies
    • Diabetic screening
    • Testosterone and Estrogen levels
    • Vitamin D, B12 and Folate measurements
    • Urinalysis and culture, and when indicated, urinary microalbumin measurement

When your executive physical exam is complete, your doctor will discuss all test results and provide you with a personalized wellness plan, which can cover everything from nutrition and fitness to maintaining proper work-life balance. It’s a proven tool that will help you enjoy a healthier, more rewarding lifestyle while preventing long-term illnesses.

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