Did you know?

American patients spend, on average, 23 minutes in their physicians' waiting rooms. Compare that to a paltry 19 minutes in their consultation, and you begin to see the bigger picture: patients are not receiving the kind of attention to their health that they need.

And with skyrocketing patient rosters--upwards of 3,500 to 5,000 per physician--how can the average patient expect their physician to truly know and understand their full health picture?

Dr. David Jones, Founder of Principal Medical Group, addresses these concerns in his new e-book, Achieving Individualized Healthcare Through Concierge Medicine.

Highlights include:

  • The future of primary care medicine in America
  • The impact of the Affordable Care Act and the aging Baby Boomer population
  • How the concierge model of care addresses physician shortages, and improves access to quality healthcare
  • What to look for in a concierge healthcare provider, and what to ask 

The quality of your healthcare depends on knowing the facts.

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