• Doctors who know your name and health goals
  • Unhurried, same-day appointments and around-the-clock, 24/7 access to your doctor
  • Exceptional, personalized healthcare


Not sure if concierge care is right for you and your family? See what our clients have to say about their experiences:

“It took me 10 years to do concierge medicine and I wish I had done it earlier. With a concierge doctor you get everything taken care of at one time versus multiple visits for every aliment. This comprehensive approach has allowed Dr. Jones to really get to know me.

My wife is also a patient and we live in Florida, but I know Dr. Jones is just a phone call, text or email away. His responsiveness is exceptional. I like to refer to it as, “real time.” I visit McLean often for business and I am also able to easily schedule my office visits with him while in town. I truly appreciate that even a last minute appointment can easily be accommodated.

When I am traveling, I am able to call Dr. Jones who has an uncanny way of giving me a diagnosis and medical advice and even a prescription if warranted. He also proactively prepares me for my trips around the world with needed vaccines and precautionary antibiotics as needed.

The other thing I admire about Dr. Jones is how he digs right into any health problem you bring him. I had concerns about food allergies and he quickly researched my issues and provided excellent guidance and care. As the result of his personalized research and testing he helped me lower my blood pressure and cholesterol. I no longer suffer with migraines and as a nice side effect I even lost weight. I have not felt this well in years!

I have referred at least 10 friends to Dr. Jones and they have all been extremely happy. We invest in so many things in life, vacations, hobbies, houses, cars, but for my money our health is the most important investment we can make. So don’t wait 10 years like I did, invest in personal, high quality healthcare NOW with a concierge membership with Dr. Jones and Principal Medical Group.”
--Scott Goss

"Occasionally you find a night and day difference in an important personal service and you wonder how you were without it previously. Dr. Jones' practice has been one of those differences for me. I had been lulled by years of long wait times and brief encounters with my physicians to expect that was the only standard of medical care to be had. As a result, my appointments were few and far between and I let a chronic condition go untreated for far too long. Access is the key word with concierge medicine. Not only are the appointments long and unrushed but they can be booked the same day if needed. Access doesn't stop there. Dr. Jones is responsive via email and available for calls at all hours as well. A game changer. If you're on the fence with this decision then you at least owe it to yourself to give it a trial. It's well worth it." 

"Joining Principal Medical Group last year was one the best medical decisions that my wife and I have ever made. Since joining Principal Medical Group, I rest easier knowing that my wife and I have a central resource for our health needs where we never have to worry about getting an appointment, specialist referrals, or addressing after-hours medical concerns, and we feel comfortable speaking with our own concierge physician who really knows our health history." 
--Kippton Gray (Kipp)

"It is such a joy to tell you how successful you have been with my care and rehabilitation. I am so fortunate that my doctors advised me to avail myself of your concierge practice. Availability is really the right word. Your practice is organized to encourage and permit your patients to talk with you and get immediate help. In the year I have been with you, you have organized treatment for me for peripheral neuropathy, depression, dehydration, the installation of a pacemaker, urinary tract infection, hearing loss and physical debility. Consulting with you has been so helpful. You are impressively intuitive, approachable, attentive, thorough and careful. The result has been at age eighty, after the death of my husband, I have been able to stay in my house, acquire a new little dog AND ENJOY LIFE." 
-Alison Diamond

"Dr. Jones has been our physician for two years. We consider him not only our doctor, but our friend. He has always been extremely prompt and deeply committed to addressing all our health needs and concerns. He always returns phone calls, emails and is never rushed to listen and advise us of the right treatment quickly preventing further illness. Concierge care was the right decision for us to maintain our health and peace of mind and we are thankful we made that choice." 
--Sam and Ellen Stanton

"Since joining the Principal Medical Group, my wife and I have been impressed with the access, responsiveness, and quality of care that characterize Dr. David Jones and his staff. Until we tried concierge medicine with Principal, long waits and rushed examinations/consultations were the norm. Dr. Jones, however, takes the time to listen, to understand patients' concerns, and to offer a thoughtful, tailored course of action. Concierge medicine, and the Principal Medical Group in particular, are an investment in better health though better care."
--John Hardage

"Three years ago, my husband fell ill with an unknown health problem. I kept taking him to emergency where he was attended and sent back home time after time with neither a diagnosis nor prognosis. At one point he stopped eating and drinking. I took him to Winchester, VA hospital in desperation. Nothing was working. Once more he was treated in emergency and discharged. At that point I was desperate and very scared. How could I take my husband home and care for him if he was not eating or drinking anymore? 1 begged he be admitted into the hospital where Dr. David Jones took over. After many previous trips to and from the hospital ONE doctor gave me some kind of hope. Dr. Jones informed me he did not know what was ailing my husband, but that he would be transferring him to the best chest experts in the U.S. since the chest was not his specialty. That same day we were transferred to UVA. This decision saved my husband's life. Two days later he was having urgent surgery. He had a duplication cyst; a sac full of 200cc of pus. My husband would have died if this had ruptured at home. Dr. Jones, my husband and 1 are very grateful to have encountered you that night in Winchester. I thank you for your direction. God bless you and good luck with your new venture." 
--Sandra E. Hawken (Sandy)

"My name is Thomas Evans. My wife and I recently relocated to northern Virginia as the result of a corporate relocation. It is important that I share this, as the fact that we have experienced many such moves has made it difficult to maintain an ongoing, long term relationship with any doctor as many of our moves have been across long distances. As my own condition has gotten worse with time, sitting in a waiting room with 12-15 other patients would eventually lead to my name being called, usually by a nurse. Then s/he would take my vitals, and leave me in a room to wait for the doctor to come in. Too often, the meeting with the doctor would last from 5-15 minutes. I often felt that the doctor was not listening to me 10% of the time.

As a retired pharmaceutical representative who has called upon hundreds of doctors, nurses, hospitals and administrators, I had never heard of a concierge doctor like Dr. Jones. I knew that after our 9 h move, I needed to find a special doctor, one who would listen and take an active role in my personal health and well-being. I stumbled upon an article in a journal about the concierge medicine concept, which was described as a new approach to health care and the relationship between the patient and doctor. Dr. Jones and I met for the first time to talk about why he was different. The meeting lasted for2 hours. All of my concerns about how little had been done for me with conventional medical relationships and practices were addressed in a manner that gave me the sense that if what was being told to me was accurate, I had just found a needle in a haystack. Dr. David ones and his staff, Susan Smith and nurse Demetria, lived up to everything that I was looking for in a medical practice but didn't think existed. My wife and I have recently made one last corporate move, to Delaware. After a year with Dr. Jones, my feeling is that I won't change doctors again, so I make the 90 minute drive to see him in VA and we talk by phone regularly.

I can't list all of the things the staff has done for me, going well beyond the call of duty. My relationship with Dr. Jones is such a good doctor-patient relationship that is reminiscent of when I was a boy and doctors made house calls. Furthermore, when calling the office, he knows how to handle anything that comes up, and does so in a timely fashion. One example is handling a glitch with a prescription when I was out of state, even on a weekend or holiday. He is like a family Physician that is part of the family. In conclusion, I have been impressed with how well this concept has worked for me, and how Dr. David Jones has mastered the art of the best health care one can obtain.

In my years of medical sales, and in other sales environments, there is something called the law of integrity client or professionalism. By definition, it states that people have more confidence and belief in what others say about you as a Physician than what a Physician might say about himself. Without hesitation, Dr. David Jones and his staff at Principal Medical Group, meet and exceed that standard of health care that we as patients can now experience as the norm rather than the exception. This may not be for everyone, but it would behoove patients looking for a new doctor to sit down with Dr. Jones, get to know him I have, and make your own evaluations. I am 55 years old, and I expect to have a long relationship with Dr. Jones." 
--Thomas R. Evans