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As Patients Struggle to Find Time for Preventive Care, Concierge Medicine Offers a Solution

10/24/2012  |  Posted By: Dr. David Jones

As daily living becomes more demanding and costly each year, many working Americans are making fewer doctor visits than necessary. A recent New York Times article discusses a 2010 census report, which finds that adults between ages 18 and 64 make an average 3.9 doctor visits per year, down from 4.8 visits just a decade ago.

The report claims several reasons for the decline, including a growing number of individuals without health insurance, increasing healthcare costs and dwindling time. Unfortunately, as Americans start cutting back, preventive care is put on the backburner. Many mistakenly believe that if they feel okay, annual check-ups – among other reasons for visiting a primary care physician – aren’t necessary.  

What many too often forget is that primary care remains one of the most vital points of consultation within the healthcare system. Concierge physicians, for example, not only know an individual’s medical history, but also act as a sounding board for other health concerns. And in a situation that requires a specialist’s attention, a concierge physician will leverage their network of healthcare professionals so they can ensure their patient receives the highest-quality and most timely care possible.

At Principal Medical Group (PMG), our concierge physicians work to make preventive care easily accessible and manageable so that patients can stay healthy. PMG’s concierge physicians work one-on-one with each patient to understand their medical history and health goals, and provide same-day appointments, phone and email consultations to ensure that health needs are met. Contact us to learn more about how our unique practice can meet your healthcare needs, despite a busy schedule.