Getting quality medical care shouldn't be complicated. In fact—when you’re not feeling well, it should be simple.


  • No longer being rushed through appointments
  • Not waiting for weeks to be seen
  • No more barriers to receiving honest medical advice
  • No longer being "just another patient" 
  • No longer being brushed aside with “no news is good news” or “I’ll call you if there is anything wrong”

Principal Medical Group is a concierge medical practice located in McLean, Virginia - just minutes from Tysons Corner, Washington, D.C., Bethesda and Alexandria. Principal Medical Group offers around-the-clock, 24/7 access to our doctors that provide patient-centric care when you need it, not whenever you can be squeezed in. 

Primary Care, Personalized for Each Patient

Principal Medical Group takes a 360-degree approach to primary care, providing the highest level of health services available. Members of Principal Medical Group enjoy same-day appointments, comprehensive preventive services and 24/7 access to physicians. We're not just another medical practice - our physicians partner with you to manage complex medical conditions and chronic conditions, and address acute care and health crisis situations.

Concierge Medicine - Unfettered Access to Excellent Primary Care 

Because Principal Medical Group is built on a concierge model of care, our Board-Certified physicians can offer prompt, thorough care - exactly when you need it the most.

Ready to Start Feeling Better and Healthier?

With a free consultation, find out how the concierge physicians at Principal Medical Group can help you be your best.